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Global Citizenship: Engage

April 7th, 2021


Recognizing Vermont                                                               

Lee Longtoe, Vermont, USA

Askawobi Productions

As you watch, consider:

- What is the "elephant in the room" ?

- Who determines who is or is not indigenous? How are tribes or bands determined?

- What Abenaki words did you learn?

We're sorry to share that this presentation is no longer available. If you are interested in learning more about Lee Longtoe and their work, we encourage you to visit


Ripple Effects in Public Art

Ramiro Davaro-Comas, New York, USA

Dripped on the Road

As you watch, consider:

- What is creative sustainability?

- How do partnerships enable Dripped on the Roads mission?

- What are some of the things public art can do for a community?


Food for Thought

Randolph Technical Career Center, Vermont, USA

As you watch, consider:

- What is the role of a school in a community? 

- How are RTCC students being prepared as Global Citizens?


Caring for All Community Members

Michelle Dorwart, MD, MPH, Vermont, USA

Community Health Centers of Burlington

As you watch, consider:

- How do social factors impact vulnerability to illness like Covid-19?

- What is primary care and how is it associated with better health outcomes?

- In what ways is healthcare in Vermont part of global citizenship?




Be the Change: Participatory Democracy Through Action Civics

Join youth and adults from the Vermont Youth Lobby to learn how a shift in thinking about civics education and the inclusion of a personalized civic action project led to the rise of a new youth movement called the Vermont Youth Lobby. Over the past several years, this grassroots organization of students, teachers, and community members has brought together over three thousand students from dozens of schools across Vermont to meet with their lawmakers and discuss issues that were important to them.  We will share our story of how we are working locally to address global issues, share video footage from past events and respond to any questions you have about starting a youth lobby chapter in your school.

Go Global VT-logo (3).png


Digging Deeper Discussion Group

What common threads connect the Global Citizenship: Engage presentations and how is it that the work of domestic organizations and individuals fits into a global citizenship framework? Join in a facilitated discussion with fellow youth and adult conference participants to explore conference content and develop a working definition for global citizenship.



Taking Action for People & the Planet: Youth Voice in Cultivating Pathways to Sustainability

Join youth and adult facilitators from Vermont to learn how they are connecting with youth from Mississippi and Nepal on a global mission to address challenges including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice. Participants will engage in an activity using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's), to identify what they are most passionate about and how to begin taking action. 

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