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Our mission is to provide outreach to support Vermont schools and communities, and to encourage the teaching, learning, and practice of inquiry as a vehicle for both individual and cultural transformation. The 501(c)3 nonprofit organization is supporting the development of intercultural collaboration programs serving individual schools, universities, and communities. In doing this work, we are creating a network for sharing information, ideas, and resources related to establishing partnerships around the globe. 

To promote global citizenship, Go Global VT is: 

•    Increasing cultural competency across Vermont learning, community and professional organizations;

•    Providing training, development and facilitation to support global partnerships with local outcomes;

•    Providing curriculum and program resources to support youth agency to address global and local issues of sustainability; 

•    Facilitating international travel for Vermont youth for reciprocal learning, particularly those students who would not otherwise have that opportunity; 

•    Engaging in research on the impact of collaborative global programs on local communities; and 

•    Assisting Vermont educational institutions with the development and implementation of policies that promote Global Citizenship.

Go Global VT is nourishing the spirit of international collaboration and relationships, and using these as tools to prepare Vermont’s youth with the skills, competencies, and knowledge necessary to be responsible global citizens. 

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