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Dr. Kenneth Hood
Vermont Education Travel Fund

Established in October of 2023, The Dr. Kenneth Hood Vermont Education Travel Fund continues the work of our mentor, friend and colleague Ken Hood by supporting Vermont students and educators accessing international travel in the pursuit of lasting and impactful education partnerships. Kens legacy is a global network of educators and students, committed to peace, dialogue and international collaboration. Throughout his career, he helped to make possible countless international experiences for Vermonters, pushing educational travel beyond tourism and foreign language trips. While not named for him at the time, the concept of a travel fund is one Ken explored at length, believing it a great inequity that the financial constraints of ones district, school or personal life should determine whether a student or teacher, so inclined to participate on the global stage and in work requiring international travel, be able to do so.  A foundational aspect of Kens ethos required the self-determination of any individual or group working together while valuing the open-ended nature of exploration, and so this fund asks two primary questions of those seeking support:

- How does your travel relate to a bigger picture?

- How will you use this travel experience; what's the follow up?

An application timeline and process will be announced in January of 2024. Please check back for updates or contact with any inquiries.

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