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Join Sigma members from Vermont Chapters Omega Mu and Kappa Tau in raising funds for an Ultrasound Machine at Hagam Health Post and Birthing Centre, Hagam village, in Jugal, Nepal.



Go Global VT, HELP Nepal and Sigma Vermont Chapters Omega Mu and Kappa Tau have partnered to raise funds for the purchase of an ultrasound machine for the very rural and geographically challenging Hagam Health Post and Birthing Center, Jugal Nepal. This ultrasound machine will support the nurse midwife and nursing staff, in caring for approximately 220 childbearing women, aged 20-40 years, and will continue to benefit an increasing number of women each year.  The total project cost of $12,000 will cover full purchase of the machine.


Hagam Health Post and Birthing Centre plays a crucial role in providing primary healthcare services to the residents of Hagam and surrounding villages. The lack of ultrasound services hinders the delivery of comprehensive maternal care, leading to pregnant women having to travel, often by foot, long distances to access ultrasound services at Chautara District Hospital, 14 km away from the village’s Health Post. The significant burden and unnecessary barrier lead to dangerous delays in diagnosing and managing complications during pregnancy. The ultrasound machine will facilitate care to the women of Hagam village and additional pregnant women from nearby villages who are currently unserved in this capacity.

Expected outcome and Impact

Improved Maternal Child Care: By providing ultrasound services at the health post, birthing care services will expand to ensure that all pregnant women in the Jugal Rural Municipality receive proper prenatal and antenatal care and deliver their babies in a safe environment. This will reduce the number of unattended home deliveries and associated risks for both mother and newborn.


Enhanced Prenatal Care: The ultrasound machine will enable the healthcare providers to conduct comprehensive examinations during prenatal visits, monitor fetal growth, and identify any potential complications.


Timely Detection and Improved Referral Services: The ultrasound machine will facilitate early detection of pregnancy complications, identification of fetal abnormalities, estimation of gestational age and allow for appropriate and timely referral to the nearest hospital, Jugal Rural Municipality, if necessary. This will ensure that pregnant women receive the appropriate level of care and reduce the risk of childbirth complications.


Improved Family Planning Services: The ultrasound machine will assist in providing comprehensive family planning services, including the provision of intrauterine devices (IUDs) and contraceptive implants. The ability to offer effective and personalized family planning methods will empower women in the community to make informed decisions about their reproductive health.        

Sustainability: The equipment costs involved are one time and the local community will continue to look after the maintenance of the Hagam Health Post and Birthing Centre. The training and monitoring of the nurse midwife and staff is provided in a partnership project directly with the local government Office. The local government will be empowered to allocate greater resources to Hagam Health Post and Birthing Centre once the results of this project are realized.

Permission from the government: The Office of the Jugal Municipality has formally approved the project. 



"I am Susmita Tamang, HELP scholarship Alumni and the Health Post In-charge at Hagam Health Post and Birthing Centre. The upcoming introduction of the ultrasound machine is a much-awaited development for our healthcare services. Currently, pregnant women face the challenge of traveling long distances for ultrasound examinations, resulting in delays in diagnosing and managing complications. However, with the forthcoming provision of the ultrasound machine at our health post, we will revolutionize our ability to provide comprehensive antenatal care, timely detection of high-risk pregnancies, and appropriate referrals within our community. We anticipate remarkable outcomes, including a reduction in home deliveries and improved maternal and neonatal health. With our dedicated staff, including the trained ANM Rita Shrestha, eagerly anticipating the arrival of this technology, we are confident in our ability to deliver accurate diagnoses and enhance the quality of care we provide. We express our heartfelt gratitude for the support we are receiving and remain fully committed to implementing and expanding these essential ultrasound services for the betterment of our community."

"I am Maya Shrestha, a pregnant woman from Hagam village. Until now, accessing ultrasound services meant traveling long distances to Chautara District hospital, which was not only inconvenient but also risky, especially during the rainy season when the roads become treacherous. This led to delays in diagnosing complications during my previous pregnancy. However, with the upcoming installation of the ultrasound machine at Hagam Health Post and Birthing Centre, I feel relieved knowing that the pregnant women will have access to this crucial service right here in my community. It will save me time, money, and the stress of traveling long distances."

-Maya Shrestha

"As a mother who experienced complications during my previous pregnancy, I understand the importance of having an ultrasound machine available at our local health post. Without it, I had to rely solely on the clinical assessments, which sometimes were not sufficient to detect certain complications. This put both me and my baby at risk. With the news of the upcoming installation of the ultrasound machine at Hagam Health Post and Birthing Centre, I feel a sense of relief and reassurance. Having access to this advanced technology will allow for better monitoring, early detection of complications, and prompt referrals if needed. I am thankful to the health post and the generous donors for recognizing the need and taking steps to improve the quality of care for pregnant women in our community."

- Anonymous patient

"Having witnessed the challenges faced by communities without access to essential healthcare services, I am thrilled about the upcoming installation of the ultrasound machine at Hagam Health Post and Birthing Centre. As the Executive Director of HELP (Helambu Education and Livelihood Programme), it has always been our mission to improve the health outcomes of underserved populations. The introduction of the ultrasound machine will revolutionize maternal healthcare in Hagam village and its surroundings. This technology will empower healthcare providers to deliver comprehensive care on-site, reducing the burden on patients and their families. We are honored to support this initiative and remain committed to sustainable solutions that uplift communities and save lives. Together, with the dedicated staff at Hagam Health Post, we can create a brighter future for the residents, where quality healthcare is accessible to all."

- Jimmy Lama, Executive Director, HELP

Make a Contribution

Go Global VT, EIN: 760741922, is a Vermont based 501-c3 non-profit education and community development organization with strong on-the-ground ties in Nepal and a collaborative relationship with HELP, a Nepalese non-profit education and development organization working primarily in Sindhupalchok District, Nepal. In partnership with HELP, GGVT will oversee the collection and distribution of raised funds to ensure the purchase and delivery of the ultrasound machine. Please direct questions or inquiries to Sam Hagen, Executive Director, Go Global VT.


Donations can be made at the link above or checks can be made out to Go Global VT and mailed to:


Go Global VT

513 Schoolhouse Rd. 

Brookfield, VT


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