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An educational and professional learning opportunity designed to mobilize rural youth to world action.

Global Partner Seminar Series Flyer REVI

Essential Learning Objectives:

  • Use the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a platform for inquiry and action as global citizens

  • Connect with virtual partners around the world using classroom technology tools

  • Use basic principles of community development to inform a project

  • Develop a strategic map to guide long-term planning

  • Report on a project by publishing 2-3 blog posts updating your Global Partners cohort

  • Demonstrate proficiency within your school Act 77 Flexible Learning program

"We must gather our courage to change the world."
- St Charles Lawanga students, Kenya (2018)

Seminar Schedule and Benchmarks 2018-19

SEMINAR #1: OCTOBER 11, 2018

CVU in Hinesburg (9am-3:30pm)




  1. Intro to SDG/ Virtual Platform

  2. Your Challenge:  Make a Difference!

  3. Kenya Partnership and Installation Training with Go Global VT Partners (Sept 15-27)

  4. Facilitate Introductions of other International Partner Sites




  • Adults schedule a virtual informational meeting

  • Kenya: Installation of technology and partner training

  • Identification of other international partners

  • VT Seminar #1:  Introduce SDG/Virtual Platform & Cross-Cultural Communication Strategies - CVU student team

  • By 10/20 - Initial student contact with international partners using the virtual platform




UVM Davis Center




  1. Basics of Community Development: UVM Community Development and Applied Economics Program (CDAE), College of Agriculture 

  2. UVM Faculty Orientation to Community Development

  3. Tips for working with your international partner

  4. Starting to Blog: Sharing THE FWSU STORY model

  5. Monthly Updates on onsite/virtual meetings



  • Students and international partners identify common SDG and brainstorm Actions for Community Good at international and Vermont sites

  • VT Seminar #2: UVM CDAE: Action for Community Good; Introduction of CDAE faculty/mentor students

  • Monthly updates include student updates/blogs

  • Students frame joint project and preliminary plans based on SDGs

  • Onsite visits for troubleshooting       



SEMINAR #3: JANUARY 29, 2019

UVM Davis Center




  1. Systems Mapping: planning your project (VEEP)

  2. Habits of Mind for Global Citizenship

  3. CDAE/Kenya Partners Presentation (Go Global VT/UVM CDAE)

  4. Monthly Updates and Site Visits




  • Students produce and share systems map of their project

  • Students produce a personal reflection on strategies for project planning, partner support, communication and community impact as a series of journal entries, a video interview, podcast or creative option of their choosing - (Feb-April)

  • One blog post from each student/team reflects SDGs, habits of mind

  • Teachers reflect on personalized learning and project tools, inquiry process.




SEMINAR #4: May 8, 2019

BFA Fairfax



  1. Global Pathways:  Mini-Capstone Presentation

  2. Monthly updates and Onsite visits

  3. Final Assessment of Global Partners Project:

    • Virtual Leader Summit: What tools facilitate personalized learning, community engagement, and global citizenship?

    • What do students need?

    • What next?



  • Students present SDG Project Plan for the group: "This is How We Made a Difference" outlining current status/outcomes

  • Students demonstrate and document Transferable skills/Habits of Mind, Global Citizenship and Academic proficiencies

  • Students demonstrate knowledge  and community engagement at home and with global partners

  • Evaluation of Project influence/impact