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Global Citizenship: Engage

Virtual Conference

Thursday, April 8th, 2021


Human Dimensions of Wildlife Conservation

Simba Qiang Zhou; Masai Mara, Kenya

Mara Conservation Fund

As you watch, consider:

- What factors challenge conservation work?

- Why is partnership necessary for successful wildlife conservation?


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Building for Communities by Communities

Jimmy Lama; Sindhupalchok, Nepal

Helambu Education Livelihood Partnership

As you watch, consider:

- What is the role of a school in a community?

- How did connecting with people of a different culture impact Jimmy?

- How is access to infrastructure related to equity?


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Our School

Nuestra Escuela, Caguas, Puerto Rico

As you watch, consider:

- How is this model of education different than your own experience? 

- How does youth voice contribute to the school experience?

- What opportunities for leadership and participation do you have access to?


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Using Language to Make Connections Across Cultures

Spiral International, Vermont, USA

As you watch, consider:

- How can language provide insight into a cultures values? 

- Why is now a good time to consider learning a new language?


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*Youth Only* Discussion Panel

Join this youth only discussion panel, led by VT youth leaders, to talk about global citizenship through the lens of youth voice and equity activism. Participants will gain diverse perspectives, experiences, and strategies for advocating for change within their own schools and communities

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Synthesis & Strategy

Join together with conference presenters and participants to make sense of what we have learned, share your inspirations, and strategize for future action. We’ll tap into the power of collective learning, collaborative networks and personal action in the transition from this shared space to a bright future. This workshop will be hosted by a youth-adult team from Vermont Learning for the Future. We need all voices - please join us!