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DBA Vermont Center for International Learning Partnerships


Go Global VT seeks to prepare youth and young adults to participate as global citizens.  


Our organization nurtures the spirit of intercultural collaboration and relationships and prepares people with the skills, competencies, knowledge, and desire to act as responsible citizens in an interconnected world.


Our mission is to encourage the teaching, learning, and the practice of inquiry as a vehicle for individual and cultural transformation.

We use the SDG Global Goals for Sustainability to energize youth and adults to action.  

Dr. Mary Lynn Riggs is the Executive Director of Go Global VT

Executive Director

Mary Lynn Riggs, Ed.D.​

Dr. Mary Lynn Riggs served as a teacher, principal, and curriculum director in Vermont schools. She is trained in Dialogue Education and intentionally facilitates groups to build collective understanding which moves them to action.


Dr. Riggs is the Executive Director of Go Global VT, a non-profit committed to the spirit of intercultural collaboration and relationships. She manages many programs and community development projects involving schools in Kenya and Puerto Rico as well as a rural Vermont high school project focused on community development.

Board of Directors

Emily Guo, President
Dr. Kenneth Hood, Executive Committee Chair
Catherine Toland, Treasurer
Katherine Riley
Ned Kirsch
Sam Hagen
Sharon Davison
Wayne Howe

Organizational Structure