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Opportunities for Vermont High School Students


The Global Partnership Seminar Projects provide an authentic intercultural experience beyond the Green Mountains. Partner with us to “think globally and act locally.” Develop student voice, use community development skills and demonstrate your proficiencies through a flexible pathway.


  • Join peers in a year-long series that explores the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)  and how they speak to your own community

  • Identify and plan an important community project with your friends and then carry it out where you live, work and play

  • Develop and exercise your voice in your own community

  • Make connections with other like-minded students and adults to form face-to-face and virtual networks

  • Interact with other high school students across the globe during the course of the school year.

  • Meet graduation requirements that demonstrate Global Citizenship proficiencies 

  • Gain college credit

  • Enhance your learning with opportunities for travel to an international school and community

Opportunities for Vermont Educators and School Leaders


Engage in school-based or regional partnerships and develop skills to introduce students to global citizenship projects, basic concepts regarding community development, options for flexible pathways.


Here’s what the teacher leader or administrator gains from a partnership with Go Global VT:

  • Initiate co-teaching or presentations in your home school about  Global Citizenship, UN SDGs, principles of Community Development, student voice and agency.

  • Develop a reciprocal learning relationship with an international student group across the globe. Connect with a like-minded school interested in the SDGs through a virtual platform designed to organize and support safe middle school and high school communication.  

  • Learn to use virtual communication as a tool for independent student inquiry and learning.    

  • Receive support in developing a Community of Practice with others around supporting students to understand and document proficiency, use tools for analysis, facilitate conversations with local and international partners and develop youth leadership skills.  

  • Experience international travel options designed for educators interested in community development, sustainability, global partnerships

Opportunities for Vermont Schools, Higher Education Institutions, Afterschool Programs, and Agencies


Here’s what a Vermont School, Afterschool Programs, Higher Education or State Agencies could gain from the partnerships, but services can be tailored to need:


  • Curriculum development, activities, and seminars focused on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), VT-AOE Global Citizenship proficiencies, Proficiency Based Graduation Requirements (PBGR) -- all customizable to your existing high school courses or extracurricular activities

  • Facilitate options for increase flexible pathway program offerings in your high school

  • Connections and support for students to share a local SDG-informed community development project with students across the globe doing similar work in their community.

  • Opportunities for facilitated travel providing opportunities for reciprocal learning and participation in international community development and sustainability projects with partner communities in Puerto Rico, East Africa or Bhutan or Nepal

  • Individual and small group support for students documenting their work to meet PBGRs

  • Receive professional development for staff as they support students in meeting Global Citizenship proficiencies

International Schools  


Connect with Go Global VT to facilitate a partnership with your community. Here’s what international schools and communities, NGOs, University or State agencies can gain from a partnership with Go Global VT:

  • Reciprocal learning relationships and cultural exchange with high school/higher education students and professionals in Vermont. We will facilitate potential partnerships

  • Technology support for communicating with Vermont partnerships, especially appropriate for young partners

  • Opportunities to share and showcase your local sustainability project with partner Vermont school and other international partners

  • Connections to Vermont organizations, colleges or state agencies linked to your interests who are eager to explore intercultural connections 

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