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In the summer of 2018, a team from Go Global VT traveled to Bhutan and Nepal as the first step in establishing partnerships for cross-cultural learning throughout Asia. Initial conversations were held with leaders of grassroots organizations, government officials, students, teachers, and community members which identified shared values around environmental issues and global concerns. Of particular note, high interest exists in developing partnerships between Vermont youth and youth in Bhutan and Nepal committed to addressing these global issues.  


Back in Vermont, Go Global VT has engaged with partners in higher education, public education, and professional organizations to find ways to bring students and teachers together. Following the  initial visit, a delegation from Bhutan's Ministry of Education, Department of Adult and Higher Education, visited Vermont in November 2018 and met with groups from Go Global VT, Norwich University, the University of Vermont and the Bay and Paul Foundation, exploring options for reciprocal learning with international partners, and opportunities for study abroad. This visit further solidified our collective desire to find opportunities for intercultural collaboration.


Stay tuned for further developments that are being planned over the next few months. Learn about an exciting travel course for teachers, community leaders, and student leaders that will foster knowledge of culture and learning systems in Bhutan and Nepal as we expand partnerships across our schools.

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